Sunday, July 4, 2010

June Highlights

I'm a lazy bum bum...haven't been updating my blog properly since 2 weeks ago? haha I'm on a semester break but I'm even buzier compared to the days when I have to attend lectures and tutorials. Despite the 'jam pack schedule' allocated for books and dramas, I was able to do some activities that I wouldn't usually do like:

1. Caligraphy

This was taken during the Study in Japan education Fair. The main reason I attended the fair is to "be detective Conan's voice" as advertised on the poster. Instead of Conan, I was able to 'be Ayumi's voice'. Anyway, back to calligraphy. The last time I did calligraphy was 5 years ago! That explains the ugly writings haha.

2. Japanese Film Festival

Every year, the movie that I want to watch will fall on the day that I have a paper to write. I was really lucky this year cause "Dear Doctor" was screen a day after my final paper. Whee! The film was really good! I would have written about it for my major assignment if I've seen this film earlier on. Will blog about the movie some other time.

3.Completing a 5km run with the other 2 amigos

A blister on my toe due to the run haha. But it's ok, cause I have one extra certificate to be added into my archives haha. Someone even wanted to swap their medal for our certificates.

4.Drove to One Utama by myself

My mum is extremely protective when it comes to driving. I've been driving for 2 years and she still feel that I'm a freshie driver. The traffic was so awesome. Green lights all the way from home to One Utama. All hail green ranger! Anyway, I clip a ribbon on my hair and realize that it's time for a dye.


Reading is not my hobby but I've been doing some reading these days. I've read 5 novels in less than 2 weeks time. And they are all mystery fiction by Higashino Keigo. Among the Galileo series(there are 5 books in this series), I like "The Devotion of Suspect X" best.The moment I start reading, I can't stop. Gonna catch up on the Galileo drama next week.

hmm..thats all I guess?

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