Saturday, July 17, 2010


I've been receiving several complains about the amount of dust and spider webs in my blog these days. Haha..nope I'm not abandoning this blog, I'm just busy completing whatever task that I've planned to do this semester break.

Next Monday marks the commencement of my fourth semester. It felt like yesterday I was still worrying about whether Monash would accept my application or not. And next week onwards, I'm already half way through my degree.

Results were released a couple of days ago and thanks to everyone's wishes, I manage to maintain my distinction streak for my journalism subject. However, I didn't do too well for my elective subjects. I didn't do too badly but I was so close to a distinction. Damn!! Ah.. I guess I have to work harder next time to increase my GPA. Talking about results.. my JLPT mock test result will be released tomorrow! Not much hope in that cause I didn't really study and it is a level higher than the level I'm suppose to take. I would buy the lotto if I passed it hahah.

Anyway, I've been fooling around in the kitchen a lot lately. So much that I've earned the title of 'Insane Chef Lee Seung Gi's brother'. (Lee Seung Gi is known for his seemingly abysmal cooking, which often results in food which all the other team members usually end up regretting to have eaten.) My sister's the one who gave me the title.. no idea why brother though haha. Very saddening but its alright..I'll make something better next time hopefully

The four dishes that I've made:
1. Harusame salad

2. Rare cheescake

3. Handmade Udon
Epic fail at the noodle part. But the Udon broth was really good. On par with restaurants one The reason for my failure is because I added too much water. Ahh.. Must be more careful next time.

4. Oyako don
I was watching this Chinese cooking program called "Nothing is Bigger than Eat". Funny name I know. One guy did the Oyako Don and it turned out really good. I was inspired and decided to try it and it turned out REALLY GOOD! I'm not trying to boast but my sister actually recognize this. So, I'm quite confident with this dish. hehehe

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