Monday, June 20, 2011

So you want to hunt me in my dreams?

... I'll crush you!!

I was referring to exams hehe. Never in my life I was so affected by exams. First, I dreamed about attending special tuition class on Arabian literature, which is unfortunately not part of my syllabus. Why can't I dream of some hint of the upcoming paper I have to sit?

And then, I dreamed that my class (high school) was about to sit for Media Audience's paper (the one I took this morning) and to get to the exam venue, we have to climb a slope. There were no stairs and the only way up is through this rope. It's 8am, paper is about to start and while climbing on the rope, someone ahead of my class untie the rope and I woke up before finding out did I made it to the exam venue.

And this morning, I dreamed that I boycott my additional maths paper. Ran out and it was raining. Fell down and saw Akanishi Jin. Don't ask me how or why, I have no idea. So I ask him " Oh you're back? Don't disturb your Tokyo friends ya, they're having exams lately." and he answered "Yes, I know". Ermm... we played tennis in a living room after that and he commented my serve was terrible.

What awaits me tonight?

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