Monday, June 27, 2011

The day I turn 21

... which is today!

Birthday to me is just another day.Friends were asking me how am I gonna spend my day and my answer: watch tv! Some gave that "you need to get a life" look haha. I like to celebrate it doing things that I normally do. It makes me feel that I'm still very alive haha. 

Ohhh ohh ohh, today, I've finally caught up with this drama series called Umareru (Born). I guess the timing was really right? Haha it was one of the character's 21st birthday and they sang him the birthday song! hahaha 

Half way through the series, Kristy's letter came and I was laughing/smiling like a crazy woman though the show was kinda serious. hahaha 

Yess! I'm 21! I am gonna exercise my rights to vote to the maximum!

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