Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tired tired, very tired!

What a day! I think I've walked at least 6km today haha. Japanese sensei had some errand to run so no class today. Took the train with my sister to KLCC and then walked to Pavilion to check out their Asakusa inspired 'Tokyo Street' which was opened yesterday. Talking about great timing heh. Pictures and others some other time ya? Lazy to upload it right now. Or you can check out my Facebook account for it.

After Tokyo Street, we continue our journey to Lot 10 and Sungei Wang. I am starting to feel all that fatigue on my calf whenever I stop walking. Walked walked walked and take the train back. Mum was suppose to pick us up from the station but she had a guest at home. So we decided to walk home! Halfway through the journey, mum came and pick us up haha. 

I think I'm gonna have a really nice sleep tonight!


  1. When I was back there on the 17th, its not opened yet !!! I want to go and have a look there. Is it fully open? The Tokyo Street at Pavillion??

  2. Yes it is fully opened! haha It was just opened officially on Friday~

  3. Fully opened?! YES! Gonna go there next time !! Hopefully MOF is there. Last time went, realised MOF is closed! (Outside Cold Storage) T__T

  4. There's a MOF in Sunway Pyramid too. and MOF is not in the Tokyo Street~